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Based on the software they use, online casinos can be divided into two major categories: download-only casinos and web-based casinos. Online casinos used to only provide one of the two platforms in the past. But because of recent technical advancements, both can now be played at an online casino. But both can now be played in an online casino thanks to recent technological improvements.

  • WEB-BASED –Websites, where players can play casino games without installing software to their local computer, are referred to as web-based online casinos (also known as no-download casinos). You need a solid internet connection to play games smoothly because they all get their images, sounds, and animations from the internet. The majority of online casinos offer HTML interfaces for playing games; in the past, this was only possible with browser plugins like Flash Player, Shockwave Player, or Java.
  • DOWNLOAD BASED – To play and place bets on the casino games available at download-based online casinos, the software client must first be downloaded. The online casino program connects to the casino service provider and manages contacts without the assistance from a browser. Because the visuals and sound programs are cached by the software client rather than needing to be loaded from the Internet, download-based online casinos typically operate faster than web-based online casinos. The initial download and installation of the casino’s software, however, take some time. As with any download from the Internet, there is a chance that the program contains a virus, which deters skeptic casino players from using it.

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Pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) software is used to generate the results of these games, which are also referred to as software-based online casino games. This program guarantees that every card deal, dice throw, or spin of a slot machine or roulette wheel produces completely random and unpredictable results. A long stream of integers that resembles actual randomness is produced by PRNGs using a set of mathematical instructions known as an algorithm. Because computers cannot create really random numbers without an external input source, this is not the same as creating genuine random numbers, but the outcomes still match all but the strictest criteria for true randomness.

Online gambling is a form of entertainment for many. However, indulging in it responsibly is also important. This article does not aim to tell if online gambling is right or wrong, as online gambling is for people who have attained the legal age which makes them wise enough to make their own decision. However, this is to bring to one’s awareness what are the benefits and costs of online gambling, so as to make a sound judgment and enjoy the unlimited fun.